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Translating Text

I created a process of translating text into weavings by assigning threads on the loom to letters. Each horizontal line of yarn in the weaving is one translated letter. Lines are woven as words are spelled: letter by letter, and so the text creates patterns entirely unique to that phrase, poem, or lyric. When the piece is finished, the text is spelled out letter by letter (line of yarn by line of yarn) from the top of the piece to the bottom. 

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Hello! My name is Anthony (Tony(Tonz)) and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I have a small obsession with textiles. I come from a family of crafters and makersβ€”particularly of textiles. Both my grandmother and great grandmother would knit and quilt for our family using recycled clothing. My aunt is a seamstress with a dreamy work room full of endless piles of fabric. I'm proud to continue on the path they've showed me in my own way!

A few years ago, I purchased my first sewing machine and began experimenting with quilting. A few years after that I took a weaving class and bought a floor loom on a whim. I really enjoy creating textiles that combine my family’s tradition of mixing fibers with contemporary/queer themes and patterns that speak to my experience. I also love making something unique and meaningful for others knowing it will stay with them for a long time.